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Direct, made simple & vastly enhanced

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Direct, made simple & vastly enhanced

Why migrate?

We strive to offer the best service possible for online transaction processing. Our legacy solution has served you well for the last two decades. But to continue doing so, we are gradually shifting our efforts to our Direct solution.

Therefore, to ensure you remain on top of the game, we strongly recommend making the switch as well. This does involve some efforts on your side. But – you will be well rewarded, as Direct

  • Guarantees full technical support from our operations team in the future.
  • Follows a "mobile first" approach for all our features.
  • Is continuously enhanced with new tools, payment methods and features.
  • Implements a state-of-the-art REST API

Legacy integration settings

You can continue using your existing live account for Direct. However, it will require some reconfiguration. To understand what you need to do, follow the legacy migration steps as described below.

Legacy integration settings

Legacy migration steps

So where do you start?

Your journey with Direct begins with these basic steps:

  1. Creating a new test account from scratch
  2. Select your Direct integration method
  3. Start migration through SDKs or plugins

Creating a new test account from scratch

We will start by creating a new account from scratch. This will allow you to:

Differentiate platforms

Make a clear distinction by channeling all upcoming transactions through a separate entity on our platform.

Run parrallel

Run both your classical and Direct solution in parallel, so you can make the shift at your pacing.

Select your Direct integration method

Based on your legacy integration methods choose you are currently using. Refer to our dedicated guide to identify the legacy integration method you are currently using. 

Comparison table - Legacy to Direct

This table will help you pick the right one. Follow the respective link to learn more about the integration mode:

Hosted payment page

Hosted Checkout Page

Redirect your customers from your checkout page to our platform for entering sensitive payment data.


Hosted Tokenization Page

Include an iFrame payment form hosted on our save environment in your checkout page for entering sensitive payment data.



Send credit card data directly from your server to our platform.

e-Terminal (Virtual terminal)

New integration options

These are Direct-specific features and a key reasons to migrate if you want easier integration methods. From no code solutions to native mobile solutions.


Use our no-code solution to create payment links with just a few clicks.

Mobile/Client Integration

Develop state-of-the-art mobile apps with our Client SDK.

Are you all set? Then let us explain how you can build your integration.

Start migration through SDKs or plugins

Once you have chosen your Direct integration mode(s), you can create the necessary infrastructure in your system. Direct offers various options to link your webshop software to our platform. Regardless of your current on your setup, either our plugins or Software Development Kits (SDKs) will prove highly useful and convenient:

Chargebee BigCommerce Aero Commerce Shopware Salesforce Shopify Magento SAP WooCommerce Prestashop

Use our Plugins

The ideal short cut: Install one of our plugins you can use in parallel with the legacy version, providing a seamless link between your webshop and our platform.

By effectively wrapping our RESTful API, these plugins save you time on writing code and make integration quick and easy.

Jump right to the respective guide and get it up and running!

Flutter PHP .NET Python 3 Java Node.js Python 2 Ruby Android iOS JavaScript Swift

Use our SDKs

Use our Server SDKs to seamlessly connect your server environment to the Ingenico Direct platform's Server API. These SDKs simplify the API's functionality with easy-to-use platform-specific objects.

custom integration

Create Custom Integrations

Freeing you from any possible dependency, all our REST API endpoints are also directly accessible via a specific authentication process.


We offer Direct since 2019 and plan to shut down legacy by mid-2025.


Launch of Direct


Migration of legacy merchants to Direct

To be announced

No more transactions processed via legacy

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