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In legacy, DirectQuery requests allow you to get information about a transaction's status in two ways:

  • Sending parameter PAYID only returns the global transaction status.
  • Adding optional parameter PAYIDSUB returns a specific (temporary) status in the transaction's life cycle. For each (temporary) status, legacy creates individual PAYIDSUBs according to an incremental logic.

Direct replaces the PAYID/PAYIDSUB logic in favour of property

Our platform returns a separate, unique for every CreatePayment request and every maintenance operation (i.e. CapturePayment/RefundPayment/CancelPayment) you perform on an existing transaction. Hence, follow this logic when following-up on transactions proactively via GetPaymentDetails or processing our platform's transaction feedback via webhooks.

  • Learn more about the logic in a dedicated chapter in our Webhooks guide.
  • For CreateHostedCheckout requests via integration method Hosted Checkout Page, our platform returns a hostedCheckoutId instead of a To follow-up on Hosted Checkout Page sessions, send a GetHostedCheckoutSession requests which accepts this hostedCheckoutId.

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