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Important notice
Our legacy integration modes, payment methods and features will remain available until January 1st 2025.

Migrating from legacy to Direct requires you to choose one of the Direct integration methods.

For the most seamless transition possible, we recommend using the Direct counterpart of your legacy integration method you are currently using.

1. Identify your current legacy target endpoint

FlexCheckout in conjunction with DirectLink

No dedicated endpoint. Transactions are processed in our Back Office via Operations > New transactions. 

2. Identify the value for parameter NCMODE for processed transactions.

To do so, follow these steps: 

  • Login to the Back Office. Go to Operations > View transactions.
  • Fill in the payment mask to look up the transaction(s) in question.
  • In the "Orders" overview, scroll down to the list of operations performed for this order. Select the first operation from the list in the "Pay ID" column:
The image above shows an example of Pay ID.
  • Look up parameter NCMODE from the overview: 
The image above shows an example of NCMODE.

The value gives an indication about the legacy integration method for this transaction.



One of these options

DirectLink with card data
DirectLink with permanently stored Alias
FlexCheckout in conjunction with DirectLink


We strongly recommend to align with your developer/system administrator to clearly identify your current legacy integration method.

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