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Direct provides a lot of information and transparency for erroneous transactions, easing your troubleshooting efforts.

For each request being rejected for whatever reason, our platform returns a JSON containing numerous properties. Each of them provide detailed complementary information:

  • errorID: The unique identifier of your request on our platform.
  • errors.category: Human-readable description of the global error category.
  • errors.code / errors.errorCode: 4- to 8-digit error code linked to errors.category, indicating the specific error category.
  • status / errors.httpStatusCode: 3-digit error code linked to standard HTTP status codes.
  • Human-readable description of the specific category.
  • errors.message: Additional human-readable description about the specific category.
  • errors.propertyName: The property from your request causing the error.

Find detailed information about these properties, most common errors and how to fix them in our dedicated troubleshooting guide.

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