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Let your online business thrive thanks to our all-in-one Full Service solution!

With this solution, you can offer various payment methods in a single contract. This enables you to

  • Easily reconcile and refund transactions.
  • Attract customers from all over the world without needing different bank accounts and business presence in every single country!
  • Offer payment methods your customers know and trust with the perfect payment mix tailored to your different business locations
  • Get a clear grip on your cash flow and payouts without having to deal with different acquirers or other third parties!

Get in touch with us to profit from this worry-free solution!

Get started

Before you process live transactions, feel free to use our test environment to discover our solution without any costs or commitments involved!

Once you have finalised your tests, get a production account. To use the Full Service solution, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Activate at least one of the following payment methods via the acquirer Direct.
    Card schemes Alternative payment methods
    Carte Bancaire (CB)
  2. We send you a link to register online and choose the payment methods you wish to offer.
  3. We email you a proposal. If you are happy with the proposal, print it and sign it.
  4. We send you a link to upload the signed copy of the proposal, along with other required documents.
  5. We finalise the registration and activate Full Service. You are ready for business!

Are you all set? Learn in the subsequent chapters how to process payments!

Accept payments

Full Service supports all integration channels of our platform. Check the “Integration” chapter of the respective payment method to learn what properties to populate for a transaction request.

To comply with the legislation for accepting payments, it is essential that your website contains:

  • Your terms and conditions
  • Your VAT number
  • Your contact details (physical address and email address OR telephone number)
  • PCI compliancy

Be aware of our restricted merchant services and products

Receive payouts

By default, we pay out funds for accepted payments after one day. You will receive the funds shortly after the payout date mentioned in the Reconciliation module. For each payment, your bank statement contains the following:

Descriptor Explanation
TyyyyyyyyZ "yyyyyyyy" will be replaced by a range of 8 random digits
xxxxxxxx Payout reference (incremental number)
CDDDD.dd Commission deducted from payout amount
BDDDD.dd Gross amount
E End of statement

An example looks like this:

T24823658Z 12345678 COL C100.20B4008.00 E

Receive payout reports

When dealing with payments, it is important to keep track and to be on top of your transactions and cash flow! Our Merchant Portal tool provides you with a compact overview of the complete payout lifecycle of a transaction.

Refund payments

You can make a full or partial refund via the Merchant Portal or RefundPayment API. There are some things you keep in mind for Full Service transactions:

Handle disputes

When a cardholder refutes a particular transaction made on her/his credit or debit card, s/he can instruct her/his bank that issued the card to get the money back. This is called a chargeback.

Learn more about our dispute management service.

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