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Important notice
Our legacy integration modes, payment methods and features will remain available until January 1st 2025.

Worldline Direct eTerminal Page screen


The e-Terminal feature is the enhanced Direct version of the legacy e-Terminal (Virtual terminal), supporting both local and international schemes.

  • No-code plug-and-play solution
  • Ideal for MO/TO payments

Make the move

Thanks to our platform's features, migrating from the e-Terminal (Virtual terminal) to the Direct e-Terminal is easy.

Use this checklist to let us guide you through the whole migration proces:

  1. Get familiar with the eTerminal
  2. Create a test account
  3. Migrate to the Merchant Portal
  4. Configure your test account
  5. Use the e-Terminal
  6. Make sure to receive our platform’s transaction feedback
  7. Test your new integration

Get familiar with the eTerminal

Get familiar with the e-Terminal, the payment flow and its Direct-specific features.

View eTerminal

Create a test account

Migrate to the Merchant Portal

As the Direct e-Terminal is only available in the Merchant Portal, you need to switch from the legacy Back Office to the Merchant Portal.

You can do this easily in a few steps:

  1. Login to your test account via the legacy Back Office portal.
  2. Click on the "Try our new merchant portal" button in the Back Office header bar.
  3. Follow the instructions on the subsequent pages.

Configure your test account

To get you up and running, you need to makes some basic configurations in your account:

  • Configure your API Key/API Secret to set up the Direct authentication mechanism. Read our dedicated guide to learn how to do this.
  • Configure your Webhooks Key/Webhooks Secret to receive feedback for processed transactions. Read our dedicated guide to learn how to do this.

Use the e-Terminal

Access the e-Terminal in the Merchant Portal via Payment links > e-Terminal. Refer to the dedicated chapter in the Merchant Portal guide to learn how to process transactions.

Make sure to receive our platform’s transaction feedback

Make sure your webshop infrastructure receives and processes our platform’s transaction feedback according to the payment id logic.

Direct offers Webhooks and endpoints GetHostedCheckout/GetPaymentDetails to get all information you need to follow-up on your orders.

To enhance transparency, Direct implements three properties to represent a transaction status:

  • status
  • statusCategory
  • statusCode

For a quick manual check, look up the transactions status in the Merchant Portal. Read the dedicated chapter in our Merchant Portal guide to learn how to do this.

Check out our comprehensive Status guide for all possible return values, including a mapping of classic parameter STATUS to the aforementioned properties.

Test your new integration

Use our Test cases to trigger specific scenarios for any given payment method. Our API Explorer allows you to build and test countless scenarios with just a few clicks!

Mind that test data / settings in the Back Office (Configuration > Technical Information > Test Info) are irrelevant for Direct.

Next steps

Are you ready to go live?

Use your existing live account – no need to create a new one! But make sure to

You're all set, now what? Start enjoying all the advantages of Direct!

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