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The unique payment method integration offers various Belgian and French meal vouchers.

Your customers can choose any of these:

Belgium France
  • Monizze (including Eco & Gift vouchers in addition to mealvouchers)
  • SodexoBE (including Eco & Gift vouchers in addition to mealvouchers)
  • PassRestaurant
  • UpChequeDejeuner
  • Swile
  • Apetiz (Bimpli)

You can offer your customers to pay full or partial amounts for an order. If you allow only a partial amount or your customers do not have enough meal voucher funds for the full amount, they can pay via Visa, MasterCard or Carte Bancaire for the remaining amount.

All of the payment methods mentioned above are combined to one payment method in the Back Office (Configuration > Payment Methods)


Payment group:
Payment product id:
Key benefits
  • Low PCI requirements
  • Allows refunds (for Monizze and PassRestaurant 1st generation)
  • Complementary payments possible

Countries & currencies

Supported countries

Supported currencies

  • Euro (EUR)


Redirect your customers to the Thunes payment portal via our Hosted Checkout Page. Find a high level overview in the "Process flows" chapter.

Add the following properties to a standard CreateHostedCheckout request:

  "order": {
    "amountOfMoney": {
      "currencyCode": "EUR",
      "amount": 1000
    "customer": {
      "merchantCustomerId": "mc_{{TIMESTAMP}}",
      "contactDetails": {
        "emailAddress": ""
    "references": {
      "merchantOrderId": "{{TIMESTAMP}}",
      "merchantReference": "mr_{{TIMESTAMP}}"
    "shoppingCart": {
      "items": [
          "amountOfMoney": {
            "currencyCode": "EUR",
            "amount": 1000
          "invoiceData": {
            "description": "Food"
          "orderLineDetails": {
            "productName": "ACME12",
            "discountAmount": 0,
            "lineAmountTotal": 100,
            "productCode": "ASO45",
            "productPrice": 1000,
            "productType": "FoodAndDrink",
            "quantity": 1,
            "taxAmount": 0,
            "unit": "piece"
  "redirectPaymentMethodSpecificInput": {
    "requiresApproval": true,
    "paymentProductId": 5402
Properties Remarks






Only send one product item per order in orderLineDetails

Always use one productType per order and send fixed value "FoodAndDrink"

Only for SodexoBE and Monizze: productType value can also be : "HomeAndGarden" or "GiftAndFlowers"


requiresApproval: Set to either "true"/"false" depending on what maintenance operations the individual voucher support. Consult this list to select the correct value

paymentProductId: The numeric identifier of the payment method on our platform. Find this id in the "Overview" chapter. It instructs our platform to send your customers directly to the Thunes portal. This list summarises the available vouchers and the maintenance operations they support.
If left out, our platform sends your customers to the Hosted Checkout Page instead, allowing them to choose this or any other payment method in your account

Find detailed information about this object and its properties in our HostedCheckoutAPI

If you set requiresApproval to "true", make sure to capture the transaction later via the Merchant Portal or a CapturePayment request. Only then will the transaction have status="CAPTURED" / statusOutput.statusCategory="COMPLETED" / statusOutput.statusCode=9, for which you receive the actual payment for the transaction

List of available Mealvouchers

The individual vouchers are available in the Thunes portal and allow the following maintenance operations:

Brand Allowed maintenance operations


Refund (Partial / Multiple / Full)





Capture* (Full)

Cancellation (Full)



Capture* (Full)

Cancellation (Full)




Capture* (Partial/Multiple/Full)

Refund (Partial/Multiple/Full)

Cancellation (Partial/Multiple/Full)



Capture* (Full)

Refund (Full)

Cancellation (Full)

*Thunes automatically captures all authorisations from the same day at midnight

Process flows

  1. Your customers finalise an order in your shop and select Mealvouchers
  2. You send this CreateHostedCheckout request to our platform
  3. You redirect your customers to the Thunes portal via the redirectUrl
    Your customers select one meal voucher and confirm confirm the order with their card number and password (cryptogram). If your customers need to pay a remaining amount, two scenarios are possible:
    3'(optional). Your customers stay in the Thunes portal to pay the remaining amount. Thunes calculates the amount to pay automatically
    3''(optional). You initiate a second transaction on your own. For this, you need to calculate the remaining amount by yourself. You may choose any payment method available in the Back Office
  4. We receive the transaction result
  5. We redirect your customer to your returnUrl
  6. You request the transaction result from our platform via GetPayment or receive the result via webhooks
  7. If the transaction was successful, you can deliver the goods/services


Refer to our Test cases for test data and detailed instructions

Make sure to use the right endpoint and switch back to the live URL as soon as you have finished your tests

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